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Who I Am What I Do

Welcome to the Kelly JOY Rust Hub!

View Kelly’s VLOG on YouTube where she has committed to 100 videos by Dec 31 2017.  A mix of useful knowledge, humour and motivation.  Professional business woman and inappropriate supermom all wrapped up into one.  Definitely worth a watch!

Her online course “How to Thrive from Supermom to Wonderwoman” was launched in May 2017.  A course for moms looking to want more, do more and be more than just amazing supermoms.  Great course with endless tips and ideas.  You will definitely have at least one A Ha! moment.  Valuable, affordable and can be completed within 3 hours.  Don’t miss it!

The kellyJOYrust fanpage on Facebook is where she posts weekly motivation and ridiculousness with her videos, pictures and blogs.  She is also recently on Instagram and Twitter.  (Be kind, she’s new.)  Come say hi!

Living life and helping people for a greater purpose.  Creating, motivating and having fun!  Making you laugh.

Reach out and message Kelly.  She would love to hear from you!