Who I am


I am Kelly JOY Rust.

I am an inappropriate wannabe Supermom and sometimes professional business woman.

In my professional world, I am constantly working towards building a solid foundation. I started my first business at 20 and continue to run a business while working in the corporate world. I invest in other businesses and real estate properties. I have various certifications in health and fitness and coaching. I am a life long learner and risk taker.

In my professional world, I am also a promoter. A promoter to DO MORE! You want to make more? Do more. You want to be more? Do more. You want to have more? Do more. Diversify your investments. Diversify your work. Diversify your life.

In my inappropriate mom world, I am just having a little bit of fun… Ok, maybe a lot. I am making sure I fit in equal amounts of fun with my kids and without. The “inappropriate” part comes from a lot of the times acting not like your typical 30 something mom of a 3 and a 1 year old.

In my inappropriate mom world, I am also a promoter. A promoter to other fellow moms to get out there and have more fun! A promoter to show that you don’t have to be just a Supermom but you can be a Powerhouse Wonder Woman! A promoter to be anything BUT perfect! A promoter to find the confidence and no matter how quirky or weird you may think you are…Just be you!

I am definitely not perfect. I have made lots of mistakes and lots of failures and I suck at lots of things. My mistakes are mistakes as we are human. My failures provided lessons to be better. And the things I suck at, make me unique and make me who I am.

I know that with my failures that I have learned from, my life experiences and the knowledge that I have gained along the way, I can help people believe that anything is possible.

“It’s not about you discovering you one day.  It’s about you creating you now.  To build a better you through trial and error to unveil your passion and your life’s purpose so that you can have more fun and adventure each and every day.  What is your Now What?” – kellyJOYrust