Life is Not Easy


I took a path at the beginning of 2017.

A path that has definitely opened my eyes to many different things, many wonderful people and a lot of new solid relationships.

One thing I have learned quickly is that Life is Not Easy for a lot of people.

No matter how perfect someone’s life may seem on the outside, you may have no idea what that person could be really struggling with on the inside.

My self personally, I deal with a lot of stress.

I stress about my house always being dirty and sticky while living with two small boys. I stress about the way my driveway looks and how desperate I need to repair it. I stress about the 7lbs I put back on. I stress about not having had time to get a pedicure in over 3 months. I stress that I’m not aging well.

To name a few.

I evaluate these stresses today and can’t help but feel ridiculously embarrassed.

I feel this way as I know the stress in my life does not even slightly begin to compare with what other people may be stressing and struggling with in their lives.

I am mentally ok. Physically ok. I’m healthy. My family is healthy. I’ve got money in the bank. Shirt on my back. Roof over my head. And food in my belly.

I am learning very quickly to not stress about the small stuff.

I haven’t washed the kitchen floor in 5 days. I’m over how the driveway looks. I’m rockin a muffin top. I just painted my own nails. And I am working every day to embrace each wrinkle and new grey hair.

Life may not be easy at times, but count your blessings and BE KIND TO EVERYONE.

I have been so appreciative to be in a space where people have trusted me, opened up to me and shared their stories.

To think that someone believes that I may have something to say or to do to help them, is truly nothing short of amazing.

The truth is that I am not an expert in anything. And when people come to me for advice, it can be very difficult at times.

The one thing I confidently tell people is that the key to happiness and dealing with their real struggles and stresses is simple…

The key to happiness is PROGRESS.

If you want to be happier, you want your situation to change, you need to make progress.

Whether it’s…

A job that you utterly despise and would give anything to leave.
A bad habit that is literally killing you.
A relationship that you are completely drowning in and don’t want to be in anymore.
A tragedy that you feel you will never EVER be able to get over.
Or just simply your life in general. You feel that you are struggling with each and every day and can’t seem to see the light in it ever becoming better.

Take the steps.

Baby steps. Giant steps. Whatever the size. Just start taking the steps to change is all one needs to do.

You will never EVER change a stressful struggle without making progress.

All you need to do is start. Even with the smallest itty bitty baby steps, you will begin the path of becoming even a tiny bit happier.

Start progressing to be better. To be happy.

True happiness does not come from being rich, being famous, having material items or the perfect body or the perfect life. There is no such thing as the perfect life. And if there was, you wouldn’t want it anyways.

Focus on you. Tackle any fears. Find the confidence. And makes the steps.

The only one who can make the change is Y.O.U.

Life is not easy sometimes. But you can make it better.