Usually are arguments are about one of two things: 1. Miscommunication or 2. Home Décor.

Ryan and I do not tend to fight often, but when we do, I know I am ALWAYS right.  “WINK”!  Usually are arguments are about one of two things:  1. Miscommunication or 2. Home Décor.  It’s funny but true.

Miscommunication between us involving maybe a task that the other one thought they were going to complete and didn’t or a misinformed time that one was going to be home at and wasn’t or a message to one from the other that was taken in a different way.  Just a couple examples.

My mind is usually running a mile a minute.  There are times where he will be talking to me and he knows I am not really listening and then question me on what he said after.  He gets me every time.  I am really trying to work on my communication with Ryan during Operation US.  During this week, and most definitely after.  Good communication is key.

The second thing we argue about is home décor.  I always feel that he wants everything in some grey tone.  Painting the walls, sheets on our bed, countertops, couches, chairs… All grey.  He will share an idea of what he wants to do in the house and I will shut it down on most ideas.  Then it usually ends with: You never like my ideas!  Followed by an argument, then hours of silence and making up way later than we actually should have.

It is so funny that we have argued about home décor and renovations in the past on more than one occasion.  Some wives would kill to have their husbands give suggestions.  I definitely need to let go a bit more and embrace his ideas, even if I am not 100% sold on them.

My week dedicated to Operation US was to put US as a top priority with my time and attention focused on him.  Another goal of mine this week is to start and recognize areas in our relationship that I can make better.  Simply recognizing what we may argue about on occasion is definitely helping me to be more aware for the future.

Even though Ryan had spent the days studying this weekend, we made sure to leave the nights for US.  Commando hot tub date night, a couple sexy texts, wine, kisses, hugs…made this weekend together just that much sweeter.  After his big exam tomorrow we definitely will have some celebrating to do come Valentines Day!  Couldn’t be looking forward to it more!