My Favourite Love Story is US.

Waking up this morning was similar to most mornings.  The very first thing that always greats me is my favourite piece of framed art on our bedroom wall.  I found it in a Winners store a couple years ago and the message connected with me instantly.  It reads:  My Favourite Love Story is US.

Ryan and I were in the same Kindergarten class when we were 5.  And again in the same class for Grade 1.  Once Grade 2 hit, he had moved across the city.  After he left, I would hear his name around school often.  I knew he still kept in contact with a few friends.

When I was 12, my sister had gone roller skating one night and called me from the roller rink.  She stated that someone from my past wanted to say hi.  I thought to myself:  I am only 12, I don’t have much of a past. The person she passed the phone over to was Ryan.  I remember thinking how nice it was to hear from him.

Throughout my teenage years I would often bump into Ryan at the same roller rink.   Once I hit my twenties, we ran into each other almost every weekend at one of the local bars in the city.  He had invited me to a few of his Christmas Eve parties year after year and I would always be sure to pop in.

When I bought my first home at 28, I had a house warming party and he attended.  I was excited when he told me he would come.  He was always so happy and personable.  I loved his energy and even had a small crush on him all those years ago.

I then heard he was moving to Calgary and was having a going away party.  I attended the party and even agreed to store his 12 person couch for him in my basement.  Sadly, he lost the couch in a sewer back up flood at my place a few years later.  I did receive some insurance money for it being destroyed.  As of today, I still haven’t given him that money.

I got big into country music and country line dancing.  I loved it.  I would post pictures on Facebook of me dancing at various country themed events all the time.  While living in Alberta, Ryan would comment on the pictures and continue to tell me:  If anyone should experience the Stampede in Calgary, then Kelly should.

A few years went by.  One summer, a girlfriend of mine found out that I had friends in Calgary and pleaded that her and I go out for a trip.  After weeks of her pressing me, I messaged Ryan and asked him if the offer was still open to come visit him during the Stampede for a few days.  His answer:  Absolutely!

When I came to visit, we were both single.  Only 12 hours into this visit, and we found ourselves kissing.  I arrived to Calgary on a Thursday and left on a Sunday.  It took less than 4 short days and I remember that feeling in my gut when I left.  I did not want to be apart from him.  I was definitely in love.

For almost exactly 1 year we commuted.  It was torture but we successfully flew back and forth to be together about every 6 weeks until we figured things out.  A year of many flights.  A year of exciting hellos and sad good byes.  A year of many Skype calls.  A year of endless texts.  In the end, I moved to Calgary to be with him and start our life together.

Within a few months, we were pregnant with Colten.  He was born in Calgary.  Then after one year of many visits back home to be with our parents, siblings and friends, we decided to move our little family back to Ontario.

Within a few months of moving back, we were pregnant again.  This time with Jaeger.  During the pregnancy, Ryan asked me to marry him.  He wanted our entire family to all be a RUST.

We planned to have our wedding in Jamaica the following March.  We decided to become legally married before the ceremony in Canada because A. It was easier and cheaper and B. His mother and stepdad and my grandparents would not be able to travel to Jamaica.

We married in the July when I was 7 months pregnant. We made my grandparents our witnesses which meant the world to me.  The following March we went as planned to Jamaica and had a beautiful wedding ceremony with many of our closest friends and family.  I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

We did things pretty backwards.  A couple of houses, a couple of babies and then finally got married.  I truly love our story and it really is my favourite.  The way our journey has unveiled is truly remarkable and I cherish it dearly.  I am one lucky girl.

What is your favourite love story?