Valentine’s Day.  Nailed it!

COMPLIMENT MORE.  DO MORE.  TOUCH MORE.  Those were my 3 steps set out at the beginning of the week for Operation US.  Operation complete.  Operation successful.   I couldn’t have planned the full week of love better than to have ended on Valentine’s Day.  Nailed it!

TEXT:  Happy Valentine’s my love.  I vow to be only yours today, tomorrow, for always. Xo

TEXT:  Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  I’m gonna miss getting these pics daily!  Can’t wait for our dinner.  Xo

Daily sexy photo text to Ryan was definitely a crowd pleaser.  With Ryan needing to devote a significant amount of time to studying this week it was often challenging to set out the time TO DO MORE.  But simple stuff did make an impact.  The daily photos.  Sitting on the couch, holding hands.  Having a little hot tub date in the backyard.  The free stuff.  The simple stuff.  This stuff made the week that much sweeter.

Paying more attention.  TO COMPLIMENT MORE.  This was definitely something I felt I needed to work on myself for Ryan.  Thank you for cleaning up Colten’s room, I really appreciate it.  Thank you for making dinner, it really looks good.  I don’t know what you do, but you really know how to make the bed so much neater than I do.  You look really good in that sweater.  I can tell you have been working really hard.  Just the simplest of comments.  I know not only made him feel good, but me as well.

Going back for double kisses goodbye.  Hugging a little bit longer.  A couple snuggles we got to creep in on those mornings that Colten did not make it in between us through the night.  TO TOUCH MORE.  Touching more resulted in us connecting more.  Connecting more I am sure has made both of us just even a little bit more happy.

Yes!  Valentine’s dinner date tonight!  Our first date night out in a long time just Ryan and I.  We needed it.  I know most couples say it.  They say to themselves and others that they really should set aside a date night at least once a week, or even once a month.  It is important.  This week has really had me recognize that.  Once a week may be pushing it.  I can definitely ensure that we at least set once a month aside.

Operation US was important to me.  Important to recognize US and take care of US.  Because if US is ok, then everything else magically falls into place.

I love you Ryan Rust.

Thanks for letting me perform this operation on you.

You are one fine piece of ass. xo