How to Thrive From Supermom to Powerhouse Wonder Woman


If you have read my previous blog, I recently took off 5 weeks from my 9-5 to follow my passion, help others and create.  My project is now complete and it has truly been an amazing experience.

During my time off, I created an online 3 hour video course about getting what you want, being more and doing more.  I have designed this course specifically for driven moms that want exactly that.

How to Thrive from Supermom to Powerhouse Wonder Woman” is what I have called my little  slice of KellyJOY masterpiece.

I have basically taken all my knowledge, all my life experiences, all my work experiences, all my failures and life lessons, and jam-packed them into an affordable product that is interesting, entertaining and motivating.

Once I launched this course (nearly one month ago now), I celebrated the accomplishment with 20 amazing ladies with a course launch party (much like a book launch) to promote its creation.

Since the launch, the feedback has been outstanding.

“You helped me Kelly.”

Each and every time I hear this, it pushes me further to DO MORE!  This is what has lead me to this point and keeps me creating and helping.

For those of you that have purchased my course and have not finished it yet, Please do so!  I would love to hear your feedback.  Make sure you go through the entire course.  Chapter 4 and 5 give the best tips and info!

And for those of you that are thinking about it and want to support me.  PLEASE don’t purchase it to support me.  Do it to support you!!  That is who I created it for.

And for those of you debating whether or not to follow those dreams and passions you have been putting on the back burner.  Don’t procrastinate and ignite!  Best.  Thing.  Ever.