YES!!!! My first really, really, really mean comment!

YES!!!! My first really, really, really mean comment!

I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later…

A little over 3 months since I have really put myself out there through video and social media and I finally received my first really, really, really mean comment.

At first, when reading this negative post, it definitely had me gasping for air.

And then, like any other negative comment I have ever received, I let those words fuel the fire of the nutty, driven girl that I am.

I have heard it all…

“You can’t do that!”
“You are not qualified for that!”
“Don’t do that!”
“What makes you think you can do that?”
“Who told you, you could do that?”
“I don’t understand why on earth you would want to do that.”
“You are nuts for doing that.”
“Why are you even bothering?”

I have heard many comments like these before and that’s perfectly alright. Both positive and negative feedback continues to push me further and keep me going. Not everyone is going to agree with what I am doing and that is A-O.K.

I enJOY stepping outside the box, pushing limits, breaking rules and having fun. Just me bein’ me.

And if I could just be me and inspire one person, motivate one person or make one person laugh on any given day, it is all worth it.

I am not promoting for anyone to be like me. What I am promoting is simple…

To do more in YOUR life, be more if you want to be and do it with all with your imperfections and let nothing hold you back.

I promote to have fun a little more, be free a little more, let loose a little more and be sure to laugh along the way.

To anyone who negatively comments on your imperfections… Let those words fuel your fire in a positive way.

To anyone who tried stopping you to do something you wanted to do…GO!

To anyone who tried stopping you to be someone you wanted to be… Just be you.

To anyone who told you, you can’t…Trust me… You Can!